Nov 28, 2018



Nature knows best – it is our greatest asset and accordingly it is our biggest inspiration. Even the simplest observation of nature reveals adaptations to the environment that we can investigate, harness and mimic to create sustainable design. For example, the way a tree’s leaves are uniquely shaped to capture maximum light, or how an insect’s exoskeleton protects the sensitive internal structures.

At Thextonsmith, we believe it is our collective responsibility to implement sustainable initiatives. We take a holistic approach, incorporating sustainability best-practice in the core design phase, following the nationally recognised Green Star system.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing for sustainability. Accordingly, we undertake a thorough analysis of each project’s objectives and challenges and provide a tailored response that maximises opportunities for innovation, sustainable initiatives, benefits and cost savings.

Thextonsmith believe we must do everything possible to help add quality to the lives of the occupants of the buildings we design. We believe a healthy and sustainable built environment leads to a healthier, happier community, while preserving our natural resources for future generations.