Nov 27, 2018



Thextonsmith understands the importance of great architecture, and the way it shapes human life. With people spending on average 87% of their lives indoors, a healthy and comfortable built environment is critical to wellbeing.

Viewing architecture as sculpture for living, Thextonsmith believe both creative and functional aspects of architecture are important, and great architecture succeeds at marrying these two concepts harmoniously. Like art, there is no objective response to architecture – it elicits an emotional reaction, often without the individual being aware.

When people spend so much of their time interacting with the built environment – for work, at home or recreationally – it is important that their natural response is positive.

Small design decisions are critical to a harmonious design: the colour and texture of a material may provide the user a sense of warmth and comfort; the height of a ceiling can provide an impression of space and grandeur; few windows may create a feeling of enclosure and protection, whilst many windows can elicit a sense of openness and connection.

Each of the above design actions can affect the way an occupant feels and responds to a space. By making careful design decisions, Thextonsmith is able to create environments where occupants feel comfortable and want to linger, or spaces that subconsciously encourage movement through them. This level of thought and consideration is a rare commodity that Thextonsmith brings to every project.

It is these decisions that Thextonsmith are adept at making. These decisions that make our architecture and interior projects amazing, and these decisions that our clients obtain great value from.