Nov 27, 2018



At Thextonsmith, we understand the design process can be daunting – no matter the size of the project. Our team listens carefully to our clients and ask the right questions to develop a detailed reverse brief, outlining objectives and aspirations. Our collaborative design approach includes the client and project control group – maintaining a seamless dialogue that continues throughout the project’s duration.

We design with the budget in mind from the outset, ensuring environmental performance and long-term durability are at the forefront.

To help the client and project team understand our design vision clearly, we run an intensive design process of concept modelling for discussion, using a wide array of in-house computer simulation and physical modelling techniques to bring our ideas to life.

When everything has been considered, there’s less room for error. Our project documentation is completed to the highest industry standards and we are often complimented on our level of detail during by local authorities at the planning phase, and by builders in the construction phase. The result of our excellence is seamless planning and construction processes with little chance of surprises.