Thextonsmith is a fresh and dynamic multidisciplinary architecture practice with head offices in Melbourne, Australia. With roots in the healthcare sector, Thextonsmith provides a unique offering of healthcare, hospitality, high-end residential and multi-residential design.

The experienced team is passionate about creating places that enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. Working seamlessly with clients, consultants and contractors, Thextonsmith creates beautiful spaces that meet the needs of both our clients and end users alike.

Thextonsmith believes architecture has the power to improve our quality of life, so we strive to create designs that reflect and adapt to its inhabitants’ lifestyle and aspirations.


Thextonsmith is a full-service architecture firm. We offer services from feasibility and design through to documentation, construction oversight and support, and always strive to make the process a stress-free experience for our clients.


Thextonsmith understands the importance of great architecture, and the way it shapes human life. With people spending on average 87% of their lives indoors, a healthy and comfortable built environment is critical to wellbeing.

Viewing architecture as sculpture for living, Thextonsmith believe both creative and functional aspects of architecture are important, and great architecture succeeds at marrying these two concepts harmoniously. Like art, there is no objective response to architecture – it elicits an emotional reaction, often without the individual being aware.

When people spend so much of their time interacting with the built environment – for work, at home or recreationally – it is important that their natural response is positive.

Small design decisions are critical to a harmonious design: the colour and texture of a material may provide the user a sense of warmth and comfort; the height of a ceiling can provide an impression of space and grandeur; few windows may create a feeling of enclosure and protection, whilst many windows can elicit a sense of openness and connection.

Each of the above design actions can affect the way an occupant feels and responds to a space. By making careful design decisions, Thextonsmith is able to create environments where occupants feel comfortable and want to linger, or spaces that subconsciously encourage movement through them. This level of thought and consideration is a rare commodity that Thextonsmith brings to every project.

It is these decisions that Thextonsmith are adept at making. These decisions that make our architecture and interior projects amazing, and these decisions that our clients obtain great value from.


At Thextonsmith, we understand the design process can be daunting – no matter the size of the project. Our team listens carefully to our clients and ask the right questions to develop a detailed reverse brief, outlining objectives and aspirations. Our collaborative design approach includes the client and project control group – maintaining a seamless dialogue that continues throughout the project’s duration.

We design with the budget in mind from the outset, ensuring environmental performance and long-term durability are at the forefront.

To help the client and project team understand our design vision clearly, we run an intensive design process of concept modelling for discussion, using a wide array of in-house computer simulation and physical modelling techniques to bring our ideas to life.

When everything has been considered, there’s less room for error. Our project documentation is completed to the highest industry standards and we are often complimented on our level of detail during by local authorities at the planning phase, and by builders in the construction phase. The result of our excellence is seamless planning and construction processes with little chance of surprises.


Nature knows best – it is our greatest asset and accordingly it is our biggest inspiration. Even the simplest observation of nature reveals adaptations to the environment that we can investigate, harness and mimic to create sustainable design. For example, the way a tree’s leaves are uniquely shaped to capture maximum light, or how an insect’s exoskeleton protects the sensitive internal structures.

At Thextonsmith, we believe it is our collective responsibility to implement sustainable initiatives. We take a holistic approach, incorporating sustainability best-practice in the core design phase, following the nationally recognised Green Star system.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing for sustainability. Accordingly, we undertake a thorough analysis of each project’s objectives and challenges and provide a tailored response that maximises opportunities for innovation, sustainable initiatives, benefits and cost savings.

Thextonsmith believe we must do everything possible to help add quality to the lives of the occupants of the buildings we design. We believe a healthy and sustainable built environment leads to a healthier, happier community, while preserving our natural resources for future generations.

ISO certification

Thexton Smith is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001 certified.