Type:Mixed Use / Multi-Residential
Client: Confidential
Size: 31,000m2
Location: Brisbane, QLD, AU
Status: Concept

With an initial requirement to create a low rise apartment complex with pools to all apartments, a fantastic opportunity presented itself to create a dynamic architectural form, taking cues from the beautiful beachfront site located in Queensland Australia. 

The dynamic façade is the result of an extensive design process whereby the final facade form was created to also act as a structural exoskeleton to the building. The organic woven façade form creates a dynamic visual feast for the eye whilst also providing direct support to the balcony pools, creating a cost effective structural solution. 

The balcony pools wrap the façade, and are offset as the building rises, both to allow lower floor levels to achieve greater development potential, as well as to address the development controls that required a recessive built form from the beach frontage.

Piper House

Type: Multi-Residential
Client: Confidential
Size: 16,500m2
Location: Sydney, NSW, AU
Status: Concept

Situated on a steep sloping site, with views across Sydney Harbour to die for, this apartment complex stands at 67m high over 36 split levels.

The lower levels consist of 3-bedroom apartments, each an entire split level at 192m2, with the upper six split levels comprising two penthouse apartments in total – each beautifully appointed and spread over three split levels. Each of the upper penthouse apartments has its own private pool, while the rooftop provides a shared pool and deck for the entire complex.

The split-level design was driven by the steep site, enabling vehicle access at the lower level, and maximising the development’s potential. This also enabled a whole floor design for all of the apartments, the ideal solution for this high-end suburb.
This design also creates an interesting interwoven central façade, whereby the split-level egress stairs follow the façade, zig-zagging down the spine of the building, with lifts and key services also located within the spine.