Solar Tower – Melbourne

Client: Confidential
Location:Melbourne – VIC, AU

Solar Tower is a concept commercial tower designed by Melbourne architect Thextonsmith to influence the Australian tower vernacular toward a more considered and sustainable future.

On a north facing site, opposite a large public park, the site receives no overshadowing and lots of daylight, making it ideal for harnessing solar energy.

Given the building’s intended use as a commercial premises, the bulk of its usage is during weekdays. The primary idea was to develop a façade that would serve a dual purpose – provide a canvas for green or low carbon energy, whilst also being visually striking and bespoke.

The result was a serrated or saw-tooth façade, with photovoltaic glass to the upper portions optimally angled to catch the sun, and the lower portions utilising performance glass carefully angled to protect the occupants from the powerful summer sun. This results in approximately 924m2 of photovoltaic glass to the façade, and 241m2 to the north-west facing roof.

Each portion of the solar façade is fed directly into the correlating tenancy, with the roof top solar array used for the communal areas. Not only does the design achieve a comfortable, usable and exceptionally energy efficient workspace for tenants, it contributes positively to the commercial architecture landscape.

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Mulgrave Commercial Development – Mulgrave

Client: Confidential
Location:Mulgrave, VIC, AU
Services:Architecture, Project Management

A new commercial development in Mulgrave designed by Melbourne architect Thextonsmith, this project consists of two levels of basement car parking, end of trip facilities, café and retail spaces, possible childcare and over 30,000m2 of Net Leasable Area.

Spread over two buildings – one 6, the other 8 stories in height – rising to frame the corner and stepping down to meld into the existing character, the two buildings create a beautiful courtyard that acts as a community hub, connecting the café and retail spaces to the exterior.

The project has been designed to enable staging to keep existing tenants on site for the remainder of their lease by utilising a top-down construction method for stage 1. This enables the retention of on grade car parking throughout to meet existing council requirements for the tenancies.

The white toned pre-cast panels to ground level give a nod to the industrial lineage of the local area. Recessing level 1 separates the podium from the tower form, and curved corners to the upper levels soften the towers’ form and create a visually striking building.

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